Tuesday, August 20, 2013


It's been many years since the legendary BOBBY CALDWELL performed on Long Island but that will change this weekend when he returns for a one night appearance at The Suffolk Theater in Riverhead. Caldwell is also back with a brand new album of original songs “HOUSE OF CARDS” and it demonstrates Bobby’s prowess as a vocalist, composer, musician, arranger and producer. I spoke with Bobby from nis New Jersey home just prior to this very limited engagement...
MICK: First of all, I want to wish you a belated Happy Birthday![August 15} Did you do anything big to celebrate?
BOBBY: Thank you! No I didn't do anything special. After 50 it's all down hill from now on!!
MICK: It's been many years since you've been out here on Long Island. Are you excited about the Suffolk Theater gig?
BOBBY: Yes I am! I'm real excited about it. I've heard the theater has been redone real nicely and I'm very anxious to see it!
MICK: What can your fans expect to hear on Saturday night in Riverhead?
BOBBY: We have a brand new album out now "House Of Cards" and we are now on our second single from the album. We will be doing stuff from the new album, not too much but just enough to get a taste. And we will be doing a discography representing the last 30 years of my career, whatever we can squeeze into 90 minutes.
MICK: Are you bringing the big band with you?
BOBBY: No I'm bringing the R&B band with me for this gig.
MICK: How long did it take you to record "House of Cards"?
BOBBY: About 5 months from start to finish.
MICK: I see that you play a lot of guitar and bass in this album.
BOBBY: Yes more so than usual. It's something I did a lot of years ago and for the last three albums too. But for this new album I play more than ever before.
MICK: How many different instruments do you play?
BOBBY: Keyboards, bass and guitar. When I write a song I usually do it on keyboard.
MICK: Have you ever recorded a song where you play all the instruments?
BOBBY: Yes I have! On my first album and my second album too!
MICK: How's your family doing?
BOBBY: Everybody is doing great thanks. Everybody is off into their lives and it's madness here in this house! My stepdaughter did an internship at Fox News in New York City and now she's working there full time. My other is teaching drama here in New Jersey!
MICK: I know last year you got a bulldog for Christmas. How's he doing?
BOBBY: You know what they say about a dog's life! This dog must sleep 16 out of 24 hours a day! Amazing!
MICK: Now that 2013 is winding down, what's coming up for you in 2014?
BOBBY: I will have another album coming out. It's just in the writing stages right now. The new year is filling up real quick so we will be out on the road a lot. It should be another great year ahead!

Catch Bobby Caldwell this Saturday evening 8/24/2013
Suffolk Theater
Riverhead, NY
Doors open 90 minutes prior to the show
Showtime: 8:00 p.m.
Tickets: (631) 727-4343


Thursday, June 6, 2013


If you've ever been to a horse racing track, the one thing that you never forget the the sound of the bugles that heralds the start of the race! One of the more esteemed buglers in our area is RYAN RESKY and he is one of the Belmont Buglers. On a regular basis, Ryan entertainers thousands of racing fans along with his partner Sam Grossman. This Saturday is the Belmont Stakes. I spoke to Ryan recently just prior to this big race!

MICK: How long have you been one of the Belmont buglers?
RYAN: I started subbing there in 2005, right after the Breeders Cup was the last time it was at Belmont. I also subbed at Aqueduct. In 2006, I played another Belmont. There were 4 of us for that. They had a group of buglers there for a few years and they wanted to give Sam Grossman a solo shot. I joined him back in 2009 so I've done every year since then.
MICK: How many buglers are there now?
RYAN: There's usually just Sam and myself. In the past, they've had three or four depending on what the needs of the track are and who is in charge. of the Racing Association.
MICK: You work other race tracks also?
RYAN: I work at around 20 tracks right now. I've had a regular gig in the Fall that is down in Maryland since 2009. Sam and I also do events when asked. We've played at Saratoga together, The Whitney, The Travers. I've done two Travers and three Whitney's in three years. I done basically every track on the East Coast or pretty close to it. Some tracks out in the midwest. I play a lot of good events for the racing community!
MICK: Do you go as far west as California?
RYAN: Not that far! A mutual friend of ours is Jay Cohen is the bugler out there. He's been out there for 25 years. He has his own gig out there plus he brings local buglers out to play when they have the Breeders Cup. That seems to be the trend now. There were buglers that were traveling across the country playing, including playing at Belmont, Santa Anita, Gulf Stream. With the economy and everything else, it got too expensive to be flying people all over the country. Most places are now asking for local guys. It brings more work for us. We are able to do what they want and we get paid pretty well for what we do. Not only do we do the race, we are playing for the fans! Our main thing is going out and playing for the Stakes races and big fan fairs. Sometimes the music is themed for the particular day. The Belmont Stakes theme used to be "The Sidewalks of New York". Now they play a recording or have a live singer come out and sing Frank Sinatra's "New
York, New York". Sometimes we do patriotic songs like "America the Beautiful" and "God Bless America". Other times we throw some jazz in there. I do most of the arrangements. Others we just come up with it on the spot. I'm really beefed up the book with our music the last few years. People often come up to us and ask us to play at special occasions. Sam started doing this a few years ago.

MICK: How did you originally get the job?
RYAN: I started as an assistant in 2005. I was playing previously to that with a bugle group that was touring the country. We would do different races as a trio or a quartet. We were very excited when we got called for the Breeders Cup. Sam and I met at the rehearsal and starting talking. He told me how busy he was and I asked him if he ever took a day off. I told him I live locally and to call me if he needed any help. I figured I would never hear from him. Three days later, he calls me. He said "I'm playing the opening week at Aqueduct and I'm going on vacation. Can you cover for me the next two weeks?" I came down and met him at the track. He showed me the locker room, where to sign in, what to watch for. I pretty much knew the ropes by then anyway. Each track was different though. So that was my two week audition to be his fill in guy. He started calling me very often.
When the 2006 Belmont Stakes came, my bugle group was called to do it. Sam saw that I was going to be there. We started doing more after that. By 2009, they wanted both us us to do the Belmont. I've been doing it ever since!
MICK: What's your favorite memory of Belmont so far?
RYAN: There's a couple. There's at least one good one for every year I've been there. For the Belmont Stakes, they have a singer come out and do "New York New York". My first year there, we were standing in the winners circle and I see this lady, all dressed in red, coming over. As she got closer, I knew who is was. It was Linda Eder! That was a thrill. Just being out there playing in front of 60,000 people at the Belmont is awesome. The following year, I'm out there playing and I see Charlie Hayward upstairs. He was one of the chief operator bosses at that time. I thought I would go up there to say hi and thank him again for hiring me. I saw a very familiar looking lady with him. So I went upstairs and asked one of the valets if theres anyone important that we should know about. He told me yes, in the Trustees Room. I walked in and there she was..Sarah Palin! I asked her if there's any particular song she wanted to hear. She saw my red, white and blue tie and said something patriotic would be great! I went downstairs and we played "America the Beautiful" for her. After the race, Sam and I went upstairs to entertain Sarah and her family. She's the nicest person you could meet! Another time, I also got to meet Marylou Whitney. She and her husband are the reason the Whitney Handicap exists. She still looks great! Another time, Adam Rodriguez from "CSI Miami" showed up in the winner's circle. Really nice guy, down to earth, no attitude. Local politicians often show up. Last year, because we were going to have a possible triple crown, we were invited to a promotional event at the Empire State Building. We were all the way up on the observation deck. Then they took us over to 30 Rock, which is Rockefeller Center, and went up on topfor a NYRA event. That was nice to be included in that.

MICK: Does weather affect your bugling?
RYAN: Yes! if it's nice weather, say between May and September, we're doing really well. It can be pretty unpredictable. We have weather gear that we use when we play. Sometimes races even get canceled. It all depends upon the jockeys. If the weather is bad, they all get together and make the call. But once you're out there and the weather is funky, you have to be dressed warm and brave the elements. If it's really cold out, we play with either plastic mouthpieces or plastic rimmed mouthpieces that helps keep the cold away but it's still very hard in that weather. I've been out in 20 degree weather with 20 MPH winds. It's not fun but you have to go out and do your job!
MICK: Can people meet you at the racetrack?
RYAN: All the time! Aqueduct is a little more difficult unless I'm right in front of the racetrack. The place where we most often meet people is Belmont. I play right above the winners circle. There's a gate right there so people walk right up to us. Saratoga is even more so because we are walking right through the grandstands.
MICK: Do you have an off season?
RYAN: The busiest time of year for us is anytime after Easter till around a month after Labor Day. Racing is all year. It starts around January and runs all the way up to The Kentucky Derby. That's when the triple crown starts. The summer races lean towards the Breeders Cup. That's usually the first week of November. That's just the thoroughbred racing. There's four different types of racing. Thoroughbred racing, harness racing ( which tends to run all year and has it's own triple crown), trotters and pacers, steeplechase..they have their own triple crown too.
MICK: When you're not bugling, what do you like to do?
RYAN: When my wife is not working (she's a teacher), we like to do different things. We are trying to plan a vacation for the first time in many years. We try to see our family as often as we can. Some of my family is still out on Long Island. I'm originally from Lindenhurst. My wife's family is from Bay Shore.
MICK: So you live in the city?
RYAN: Yes we do. My work is here so it makes it easier. I just want to keep getting more work! My hope one day is to play every race in the Triple Crown and the Breeders Cup in one year. I'd be like the Tiger Woods of bugling!
MICK: How long would you like to do this?
RYAN: For as long as I can! I am trying to get more regular work in the city as far as playing. That takes me more indoors. Last year I played in Radio City as one of the orchestra members. Hoping to do more of that and Broadway too. As long as I can make a sound out of the horn I will be happy!

Catch Ryan this Saturday, June 8th 2013 for the 145th running of the Belmont Stakes,
6:40pm ET on NBC
Location: Belmont Park, New York

Sunday, June 2, 2013


With a string of top 40 hits and million selling albums, EDDIE MONEY has carved himself a nice place in rock and roll history and continues to tour the world to the amazement of his fans. He is more than just a rock and roll icon. Eddie Money is one of us! Born in Brooklyn and raised on Long Island, he has never been far from his roots. He returns to Long Island on Friday June 7th and The Paramount in Huntington! I spoke to Eddie from his California home recently and he can't wait to get back to NY!

MICK: How's your tour going this year?
EDDIE: I've got my health, I've got my weight down, I've still got all my hair! I had 14 songs in the top 100 so it's easy to write a set list! "Baby Hold On", "Two Tickets To Paradise", "Think I'm In Love", "I Wanna Go Back", "Shakin", the list goes on! The show at the Paramount in Huntington is going to be a lot of fun.
MICK: I know everybody is very excited about you coming back to Long Island!
EDDIE: The Paramount is a great theater. I have a bigger guest list than the Rolling Stones! You know in New York everybody wants to get in for nothing! The last time we played Eisenhower Park, the parks promoter said "What is this Woodstock? There's not enough toilets, there's not enough parking. Who's this guy Eddie Money?"
MICK: And you're coming back again later this year to Eisenhower Park?
EDDIE: Yes we are doing that later this year but the Paramount show is going to be great. We open up with "Baby Hold On", we have the new song "One More Soldier Coming Home" and we are donating 100% of the proceeds from the release to Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund. I'm also supporting these kids who are HIV positive. We are making money for the kids, money for the troops, taking care of my family. Everything is good!
MICK: How often do you get back to Long Island?
EDDIE: I'm back there all the time! I was just back there for a week. I have an apartment in NYC next to Mickey Mantle's. My wife likes to go there for $400-$500 lunch and goes back once every other month to jog in Central Park. I should have married a blind woman! But when I'm in New York, I don't stay in the apartment. I go out to Long Island where all my friends are. I think the pizza is better out there, the Italian food is better. I stay in my sister's basement in Levittown. I can tell who's at the door by what kind of shoes they have on!
MICK: I've read that your longtime drummer Glenn Symmonds was recently operated on for bladder cancer. How is he doing?
EDDIE: He went in too late. He had a tumor the size of a golf ball on the wall of his bladder. I pay my band good but he never had health insurance.
He had insurance for his family but he didn't have it for himself. He's been with me since 1973. You have to take care of your own!
MICK: What's happening with your play "Two Tickets To Paradise"?
EDDIE: I'm working with John Blenn. He's a teacher at Five Towns College. He produced and directed the play and it was very successful for me three years ago. We had great dancers and great actors. We are going to proceed to go at it again, get a lot of the same cast and see if we can get it on Broadway somehow. I wrote a lot of great Broadway songs for the play. We have Eddie Money's greatest hits and some great Broadway type songs in there. Growing up, my parents used to take us to the city to see plays like "Damn Yankees", "Carousel, "Oklahoma". We used to get the records and act out the plays. So I wrote some really good Broadway type songs for the play. "The Train Don't Stop Here Anymore" is about becoming successful and then losing the old lady. "I Only Want The World For You" is a song my mother sings to me in the play. "California Here We Come" is another great one. I'm very happy with the songs. The play is not like a "Rock Of Ages". So we will see what happens.
MICK: People recently saw you in the Gieco commercials on TV. How did that come about?
EDDIE: My wife is a lot like Lucy Mcgillicuddy on "I Love Lucy". And I'm like Desi playing The Copacabana. My wife wanted to get back on TV. She hooked up with this Geico commercial, which I didn't know anything about. We went down there to do it and they had had these veteran actors that I've seen in many other commercials. An old lady was going to be pushing the CD button and I was going to sing "Two Tickets To Paradise". My wife wanted to be in this commercial so I had to fire this little old lady who was in lots of legendary Broadway shows. I felt terrible. The look she gave me was like when I would leave my car in the driveway and got in trouble. There's my wife getting all dressed up, changing shoes and shirts. Pedicures and manicures. So the last commercial we did was acapella, without the CD player. That's the one they choose to use! So my wife ended up on the cutting room floor!
MICK: What's your favorite venue to play in?
EDDIE: I love Madison Square Garden. I played the US Festival and there were 650,000 people attending in 1981. Steve Wozniak and Bill Graham were the promoters and that was completely amazing. I played Budokan in Japan twice with Santana. That was a lot of fun! I used to like My Father's Place in Roslyn, Long Island. And I like playing Westbury Music Fair but the thing is I can never find the stage when I'm coming back from shaking hands. All of a sudden I'm getting ready to jump back on stage and I'm looking at a bunch of amplifiers! I also played Eisenhower Park and lots of people came to that. People on Long Island are very frugle and they bring their lawn chairs and get to see Eddie Money for nothing! It was a very successful show that I did a few years ago. People in New York are very fussy people and if you get a good review in New York, you've got it made! New York has always been very good to me!
MICK: You were a NYC cop for two years. Do you keep in touch with any of your former coworkers?
EDDIE: That was over thirty years ago. Most of the guys have retired. My father was patrolman of the year when I was on the job. He would always say, when I was coming off the stage all sweating, "Just think, you could be retired now instead of being so damn tired!" I've got two nephews on the job too. My grandfather was a cop and my brother was a deputy inspector for 25 years. The NYC cops are really nice to me. A lot of people used to think I worked for the Department of Sanitation and I'd tell them I wasn't a garbageman, I wasn't a fireman, I was a cop!

MICK: What would you consider the high point of your career up to this point?
EDDIE: I guess doing "Saturday Night Live" was pretty big. Doing the "Midnight Special" with Wolfman Jack was great. Of course, doing a lot of great shows all the time. Having the opportunity to sell tee shirts for The Elizabeth Glazer Pediatric Aids Foundation and also the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund for the troops and the kids. I played The Winery in NYC and I had some people coming in from Long Island. I asked them why so and so didn't show up. They said they saw me at the gas station!
MICK: Which of today's music artists do you admire the most?
EDDIE: I really like this kid Bruno Mars. I really think he has something there. And I think Nickelback is a pretty good band. But outside of that, I'm from the 70's so I listen to Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, The Kinks, the Eagles. I love the music I've always listened to. I get in the car with the kids and I listen to all this new garbage. I feel like I'm in another world! I've toured with the Stones, I've toured with the Who, Fleetwood Mac, Steve Miller, I've toured with the best!
MICK: Do you have any regrets?
EDDIE: Back in the 80's, I was drinking one day and thought I was snorting cocaine but it was a synthetic barbiturate and it knocked out my kidneys. I blew out the sciatic nerve in my left leg and I couldn't even walk for about a year. Then I came back and made my best record "No Control" which was about you don't have to be rich and famous to get drunk and drive a car, get arrested or put something up your nose and die. The "No Control" album was the best thing I got out of it. People would say "How did you overdose?". "It was fucking free! How did you think I overdosed?"
MICK: What's a typical day for Eddie Money like?
EDDIE: I get up in the morning, walk the dogs. I go to the gym 2-3 days a week. I like to play golf. I go to work in the studio, help my kids out. I'm making a Christmas album right now. Wendy Dio, Ronnie Dio's wife, has a label and she has connections with Sony so I will be back with my old friends at Sony. I also have a new record with some new songs, my kid's careers are taking off, I'm raising money for my drummer. I'm really looking forward to the show at the Paramount on June 13. We open up with "Baby Hold On To Me", then we do "Endless Nights" which I just put back into the set. Then we do "Wanna Be A Rock and Rock Star" which is all about how it all happened for me. We go into "Walk On Water" and then we do "One More Soldier Coming Home". It's a great show! I even put in "Call On Me" from the first album! People are really loving it! Lots of encores each night! So tell everybody I've got two tickets and I'm taking everybody to do some shakin with
the Money Man at the Paramount!!

See Eddie Money this Fri, Jun 7, 2013 08:00 PM at The Paramount, Huntington, NY. Doors open at 7:00PM.
The Paramount 370 New York Ave, Huntington, NY 11743 (631) 673-7300


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


When I first heard AMBROSIA in the 70's, I was captured by their superb songwriting and crisp musicianship that rode the radio waves of pop and progressive rock into the early 80's. More than 40 years after they first hit the scene, AMBROSIA continues to thrill it's fans, still touring with three of the original four members. BURLEIGH DRUMMOND is the original drummer and is very excited to bring the band back to Long Island. On Thursday, April 18, they will be appearing at the new SUFFOLK THEATER in Riverhead. I had a real nice chat with Burleigh recently as he told me about the band today....

MICK: I first became aware of Ambrosia when I heard "Nice Nice Very Nice" on the radio back in the mid 70's. It's always been one of my favorite songs. That was originally a poem by famed writer Kurt Vonnegut. How did you go about making that a song?
BURLEIGH: We were writing for our first album and we had this song with a totally different name but the music was the same. Joe Puerta, our bass player, was reading Vonnegut's book "Cat's Cradle" and he came across the "Song of Bokonon" and he brought it in one day and tried singing it to the music we had for the other song and it fit perfectly. He went ahead and wrote a second verse to go with the first verse. We called it 'Nice Nice Very Nice". We really liked it and were very content with the new song. Then a few weeks before the album was coming out, somebody said "Did anybody ask Kurt Vonnegut if this was ok?" This panic ensued and we immediately got in touch with him and got the papers to him. We were pretty nervous. He loved it! He wrote us a great letter saying "The only art form that is worth a damn". Later we got to meet him and that was a mind blowing experience. To meet an artist of that depth! We met him while he was writing and he was
deep into the character he was writing about. It was pretty mind opening!
MICK: Did Ambrosia ever take another poem from another writer and make a song out of it?
BURLEIGH: We were inspired by the e.e. cummings in "Somewhere I Have Never Traveled" and we wrote our own lyrics to it. We did steal the line!
MICK: I know in the beginning you guys worked with Alan Parsons. What was that like working with him?
BURLEIGH: It was amazing! He came over to the Grammy Awards for "The Dark Side of the Moon" and we had been in contact with him before that. He heard our rough stuff for our first album and he said he would love to mix it! During the course of mixing our first album, we recorded some tracks on his first album. It was a big secret as we weren't allowed to know what we were recording. The album was "The Tales of Mystery and Imagination". We did the opening track "The Raven" and he told us it was called "The Raver". They were afraid the secret of their album would get out! Alan is a great guy! He really opened us up sonically to what was possible. When you think rock and roll or pop, you think volume to some extent. I would come into the control room when he was mixing something and it would literally take me a few seconds to realize there was music playing because it was so soft. He would say "If I can hear music at that level, then I know it's fine".
MICK: In Ambrosia, who were the principle songwriters?
BURLEIGH: Everybody contributed on every song as everybody's input was vital. A lot of things would come out of jam sessions. I would say Joe Puerta and Dave Pack were like our Lennon and McCartney and I was kind of the George Harrison!
MICK: What is your favorite Ambrosia song?
BURLEIGH: There's a lot of them but I would say one of my favorites is "Heart To Heart"[from the 3rd album "Life Beyond L.A."]. I love that song!
MICK: Why did Dave Pack leave the band?
BURLEIGH: In 1989 when Ambrosia reunited, Dave started to get a fair amount of producing jobs so he wasn't able to make a lot of the gigs. That was kind of leaving us in a lurch. There was starting to be a little seperation. So it just became a better situation to go on without him. We still really wanted to play. In a sense, Ambrosia was kind of unfinished business. We felt that we never really got the live statement out as much as we wanted to. Dave was not quite as eager to go out on tour. I think the road was a little harder on him than on us. Right now, I feel that Ambrosia is the best and as strong as it's ever been!
MICK: Are you and Dave still friends?
BURLEIGH: Yes I'd say we are friends. We have a relationship that's copasetic and understood and we are all good!
MICK: Who is in the current Ambrosia?
BURLEIGH: We have three of the original four members Joe Puerta, Chris North and myself. When we are a five piece band, it's Rick Cowling on keyboards and vocals and Doug Jackson on guitar and vocals. When we are a six piece, we add my wife Mary Harris to the mix. That's when we do most of our progressive music. That's mostly the first two albums for instance.

MICK: Will you be coming with a six piece to the Suffolk Theater on April 18?
BURLEIGH: No we will be a five piece for this show. It will probably be a combination show. We have our version of melodic progressive and we have the hits. Now it gels better than before. We can play "Mama Frog" in the same set as "How Much I Feel" where as in the 70s, it felt like mixing arsenic and peach! Now people seem to roll with everything a lot more now. We have fun mixing it up!
MICK: For over 20 years, you and your wife have had a group called Tin Drum. How did that come about?
BURLEIGH: When my wife and I found each other and got married, she was touring with Jimmy Buffett and flying around doing background sessions for Pink Floyd in "Animal Logic". I was doing a lot of drumming for other people like Dave Mason, Jim Messina and doing a lot of album projects. It got to be like we were handing our infant son off to each other in the airport. She would be leaving or I would be coming. It got to the point where we said "Hey, let's try to work together!" Otherwise we would be always passing each other in airports! So that was our effort to spend more time together and be creative together. After about three albums, we built a studio here and all of sudden we started producing other artists like Mighty Mo Rogers. Now we are making an effort to back recording with just the two of us again.
MICK: Does Tin Drum ever perform outside of California?
BURLEIGH: Yes we've played outside of California. It's not a heavy touring schedule but probably about 10 times a year we travel outside of oir community!
MICK: As a drummer, which drummers do you admire?
BURLEIGH: Gosh which drummers don't I admire! I do have my super influences like Elvin Jones. He changed my life. Jim Keltner was a profound influence. I see a kid playing thats only been playing for a month in a band and something he will do will knock me out. Anything and everything means something to me like the patter of rain or the rhythym of traffic. It's everywhere! I did a session last night with Bill Champlin from The Sons Of Champlin. I don't think I've ever seen so much talent in one person! He's not a drummer but he's a drummer! I had some valuable lessons last night!
MICK: When you play The Suffolk Theater, will the band be signing autographs after the show?
BURLEIGH: For sure! We will have our CDs and DVDs with us!
MICK: What's on the radar for Ambrosia?
BURLEIGH: We just got off two cruises that were amazing! A progressive cruise and a more commercial cruise. We had the Moody Blues cruise and then we did the Yes cruise. They were both amazing! We want to do as much live playing as possible. We are trying to do a new record bit by bit. We also want to get out to some places that we haven't been to in a long time. We haven't been to Asia in a long time so we want to get over there. We want to develop Europe a little more and South America too. These are all on the wish list! We will continue to play a lot in the United States!

AMBROSIA 8:00PM Thursday, April 18, 2013
Suffolk Theater - Home (631) 727-4343 118 E Main Street, Riverhead, NY 11901
For tickets: http://www.suffolktheater.com/suffolk-theater/ambrosia


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

A Chat With PATTI DAVIS about her new lesbian novel!

She has been in the limelight for most of her life and is the daughter of one of our nation's most beloved Presidents. Today, Patti Davis, Ronald Reagan’s daughter, has self-published a lesbian love novel called “Till Human Voices Wake Us.” It has already gained the attention of many and is getting rave reviews throughout the world! I connected with Patti recently on Facebook and was thrilled to speak with her about her new book!

MICK: Congratulations on the release of your new book "Till Human Voices Wake Us"!
PATTI: Thank you! I'm just being this obsessive author now! My ranking keeps going up and then down so I am just out here spreading the word about it!
MICK: I know that this book is a fiction but is it based on anybody that you know?
PATTI: No. Years ago I overheard a conversation between two people that I don't know and never met. They were talking about two sisters in law who fell in love with each other and simultaneously divorced their husbands. They had no history of being gay and no history in bisexuality. They just fell in love! I thought that was just wonderfully complicated! as a writer, I thought that was a great centerpiece for a novel. So when I was thinking about turning this into a novel, I had to figure a way into this. A woman just doesn't sit across a lunch table from her sister in law and all of sudden say "Oh my God, I just fell in love with you!". Another thing from my distant past was a woman I knew whose 3 year old son drowned in her swimming pool. I remember she said to me "I don't know who left the screen door open". That stayed with me. Those two things kind of came together and it made sense to me how shattered someone is with the loss of a child. In the
grief that follows, anything can happen. In my novel, the woman's husband sort of abandons her emotionally. Her sister in law is the one that is there for her. The story then took on a life of it's own as fiction does. The characters lead me in terms of where they wanted to go.
The question that does drive the story is who left the screen open! She does find out at the end. I didn't even know what the answer to that was going to be until I got there! I was even wondering who it was! I know there are writers who continually outline their stories and they know every point of the story. I'm not one of those writers. I'm one of those writers who is taking on an adventure by these characters and the story goes places that i did not anticipate. I did not know until I got close to that point and it kind of surprised me!
MICK: That sounds like an exciting way to write!
PATTI: It's the only way I know how! I remember hearing in an interview with Stephen King years ago about a TV mini series called "Storm of the Century". The lead character, a black-eyed, stocking-capped stranger, says throughout the movie "Give me what I want and I'll go away". In the interview, King said "When I was writing this, when the man kept saying "give me what you want and I'll go away", I was wondering what he wanted!"
It turned out he was a devil and he wanted one of the children. But that was late in the series by the time we found out. I loved that King had lead us into his process and I loved that at the point when the rest of us found out what the guy wanted was also the point in which King found out! There's something very organic about that!
MICK: Did you get the title of your book “Till Human Voices Wake Us” from a line in T.S. Eliot's The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock, a poem about drowning in memories?
PATTI: Yes I did! I love T.S. Eliot! I fell in love with that stanza and just thought it fit with this book.
MICK: Is this your first fiction book?
PATTI: No it's not. In fact, my first book in the 1980's "Homefront" was a novel. That's the book I got so much heat for. I did what every writer does. I culled from my life and I built a fictional story around it. There were obvious pieces of my life because I was the daughter of the newly elected President. It was totally a work of fiction. I thought so naively that it was obvious as I made the girl much older than me and old enough to be in the thick of things in the 60's. I was in high school in the 60's. I was so blasted for that novel! Then I wrote a second novel called "Deadfall" and it really didn't do well. Then in 1994, I wrote a novel called "Bondage" which was an erotic novel. These days it would be considered pretty tame. I've written several works of fiction and this is my latest! I have two other novels that I may self publish also. My literary agent never took my book around. A previous agent, who has since passed away, did take it around
a little bit years ago and there was interest in it but I think people were surprised that it was me and they are used to my nonfiction books. They couldn't get their heads around it.
I have a young adult fiction book called "The Blue Hour" coming also. Right now I'm liking swimming in these self publishing waters!
MICK: How long did it take you to write this particular book?
PATTI: I started this in the late 90's. I worked on it in pieces. I remember working on it after 9/11. The grief that we were all feeling brought me back to this novel. But I was doing a lot of magazine work and I did two other published books. I kept going back to this novel and after working on it for so long, I saw that there were some dated references that had to be updated. So I made the changes! I really love this book! I was watching Kindle Publishing and was reading up on it and decided to go in this direction. What's the worse that could happen?
MICK: How are sales doing so far?
PATTI: It's doing really well! Page Six in the NY Post wrote a little thing on it. They put a provocative title on it about a lesbian love story! I first thought when I saw the headline "Oh great! Now I'm never going to get a boyfriend now!" Fortunately the first line of the text was "Patti Davis is NOT a lesbian but she's written this novel..." There was a huge jump in sales then! People were emailing me saying they were trending me on Yahoo. It's slowed up a little bit now. I'm trying to so as much as I can in the social media. Facebook has been really helpful! Plus it's interesting that the timing right now has worked in my favor with the Supreme Court stuff going on. I did not plan that!
MICK: It's getting great revues on Amazon! Is it available on any other sites?
PATTI: No but I am going to do a Createspace actual paperback book with it. Kindle Direct Publishing has been so helpful with me. I really can't say enough about them. I am not a tech savy person and I was thinking that I would have to pay a computer person to sit with me and do it. But I listened to their video tutorial about how to self publish a book and I followed their steps. I did it! It got enough press that somebody from Kindle Direct Publishing contacted me about doing a Createspace book as a physical book. So I'm doing that now!

MICK: How is your mom doing these days?
PATTI: She's doing ok these days. She is 91 now. She is fragile. I see her on Sundays and she misses my father.
MICK: Is she aware of your new book?
PATTI: No she's not because she doesn't have a Kindle! I think I mentioned it to her years ago and she had sort of a negative reaction.
MICK: Do you keep in touch with your brother Ron?
PATTI: Yes all of the time!
MICK: You told me previously that you were going to an Alzheimer's support group a few nights a week. Did you start that group?
PATTI: I did start that group! I had this idea for an Alzheimer's support group for caregivers and family members of people suffering from Alzheimer's. I took the idea to UCLA and they said yes! Two nights a week I run this support group.I titled it "Beyond Alzheimer's" because in the ten years of my father's illness, I really learned to look beyond the disease. I learned to keep remembering that in my belief my father's soul could not have Alzheimer's.
It was a daily and constant exercise in looking beyond the walls of the disease. Not only as it affected him but as it affected me. Family members are sort of imprisoned as well.I'm really proud of it. I've been doing this for a couple years now and it's got a lot of attention. UCLA has been very good to me and very supportive of this. It doesn't cost people anything to come, just pay for parking! It's been very gratifying to see people make the changes that not only help their loved ones but also help them. I've also written a little book called 'Beyond Alzheimer's" that tells about the principles that I've brought to this group. There is a publisher interested in that so that will be an actual published book!
MICK: Are you involved politically at all?
PATTI: Not really. I really don't like politics. I'm very passionate about wolves and the environment. I am a democrat and I do speak out at times. I do support President Obama but I'm still disappointed environmentally. I would have never anticipated the horrible things that are going on, particularly with wolves, in this administration. I am disappointed. Politics is not on my front burner but certain issues are. Politics seems like the problem to everything! We are playing politics with this planet! we are playing politics with guns! I don't get it.
MICK: Were you a democrat when your dad was President?
PATTI: Yes I was! We disagreed on things. But my father did come out and support a ban on assault weapons. Not immediately after he was shot but he did! In the 70's when he was governor of California, he came out against an initiative that would ban gay teachers from a school. There were things we agreed on!
MICK: Are you doing any more acting?
PATTI: Oh my God no! That was many years ago. All I ever wanted to be was a writer. At some point at the end of high school, someone said to me that you have to have a backup career. They meant something where you get a degree, like a business degree, a law degree, etc... So my backup profession was acting! It doesn't make a lot of sense but that was it! I wasn't very good and I made a little money with it!
MICK: What is a typical day for you like?
PATTI: I have a pretty simple life. I get up at dawn, I walk my dog, I work out a lot. I may hang out with friends. There's the support group and things like lectures I do for that.
MICK: Do you have any hobbies besides writing?
PATTI: I love gardening. I'm a really good gardener. Maybe that should have been my backup profession! I spend a lot of time writing. I just love it! I'm always working on more than just one thing at a time. I love doing journalistic pieces. That's got to be more problematic than it used to be. I like doing it even though you don't get paid as much as you used to!
MICK: Will you be traveling the country to promote your new book?
PATTI: I don't think so. If "Beyond Alzheimer's" gets published, then I will have to be out there promoting that. For this book, I think social media and interviews takes care the promoting. The days of going to cities and doing book signings are scarce these days because there are not many book stores around anymore. Times have changed. Now we are connected through social media like Facebook and you can reach a lot more people. There are some annoying things about social media but for the most part, it's a really good thing! In the world right now, it does allow people to be connected. I'm very happy with it! You can do a lot right from your computer and you don't have to get on a plane!
MICK: What are your plans after this book?
PATTI: I think "Beyond Alzheimer's" is going to get published. I have these two novels that I may also self publish. I would really love if I could get film rights sold for "Till Human Voices Wake Us". I think it could be a really cool movie, along the lines of 'The Kids Are Alright".
I think all of the characters would be good vehicles for actors and actresses!

You can order Patti Davis's new book "Till Human Voices Wake Us" at:

Thursday, April 4, 2013

DICK PEREZ: Brilliant Baseball Art at Agora Gallery

DICK PEREZ is regarded as one of the finest baseball artists in America, if not the world! He is perhaps best known for his work with the Perez Steele Galleries with his brilliant paintings of Baseball Hall of Famers. Perez has also been the official artist for the Philadelphia Phillies since 1982 and was the official artist for the Major League Hall of Fame for twenty-five years. Starting on March 26, 2013, Perez will be having a solo exhibition at the Agora Art Gallery in NYC called "Dick Perez: a solo exhibition of baseball's finest". The show will run until April 16, 2013. I recently had the great pleasure to speak with Perez prior to his new exhibition...

MICK: Please tell me about your new solo exhibition that opened at Agora Gallery on April 26!
DICK: The exhibition is a solo exhibit of 55 of my paintings that I've done for a book I published not long ago and additional work that I prepared this past year. What I tried to do with this is form a visual timeline of the game of baseball. I begin with a couple of nineteenth century Hall of Famers and proceed to the dead ball era to the golden age which the time of Babe Ruth and the depression. It goes on to today with the last painting being that of Derek Jeter. This way it shows the viewing public the evolution of the game in terms of uniforms, equipment, stadiums and things like that.
MICK: Is this your first time at the Agora Gallery?
DICK: Yes it is! I've had one other exhibit in NY some years ago and some other solo exhibitions but I could this one an important one because it is in New York. For me, New York is the Mecca of baseball. I was raise partially in New York and I was a Yankee fan. I came to this country from Puerto Rico when I was six years old during the heyday of baseball when there were three teams in New York. I just think there are more baseball fans in New York than anywhere else in the country so it's important in that respect. It's also, I think, the art center of the world especially where Agora is located which is Chelsea. There are over 500 galleries there!
MICK: The postcard for your show is a beautiful painting of Mickey Mantle. I've read that he was your favorite ballplayer. Is he still?
DICK: Yes! You just don't forget that although subsequent to that I also loved Roberto Clemente, Jackie Robinson, Hank Greenberg...people who were associated with breaking certain barriers whether racial or ethnic in the game of baseball.
MICK: Basically how long does it take you to complete a painting?
DICK: I try not to stay with a painting too long as I get anxious to nove on to the next one. The most I would work on a painting is probably about two weeks. Of course that would involve a lot of lettering of signage and things like that, multiple figures, etc...It could be anywhere from a matter of few days to a matter of a few weeks. There might have been a painting or two that were large and I spent more time on those.
MICK: Do you work on more than one painting at a time?
DICK: Sometimes I do but I prefer to just focus on each painting. Start it, complete it and move on.
MICK: I know you work in various mediums. What is your favorite?
DICK: I really like oil. Oil is something that took me a while to master. I was really a graphic designer and got into illustration through that field. I worked in water color primarily because it was the one medium that dries fast and easy to get to the printer to reproduce. There was a collector who bought a bunch of water colors from me and said "You've got to get into oils. That's where it's at". Most of the famous paintings you see in museums are oil mediums. It took me a while to master. Once I did it became a most forgiving medium. You can rub it off, you can paint on top of it, it's opaque, you can paint thin. It's a great medium to work with and it's everlasting as the colors remain vibrant throughout!
MICK: As someone who is very close to baseball as you are, how do you feel about the players accused of using steroids and other banned substances?
DICK: I'm really a fan of baseball's early age. I love the dead ball era, the golden age, the 40's and of course the early 50's. So what this use does it enhances the abilities of those players I grew up with. People like Hank Aaron have never been associated with the use of steroids. He hit 755 home runs! It's a very difficult question because some of these people like Barry Bonds. They were Hall of Famers before they started using the stuff. If in fact it does give you an edge, it is not a fair thing. It's really a serious and dark cloud that is hanging over the game today. Just witness the non induction year in the Hall of Fame this past year. A The guys that were up were associated with substances and nobody got in.
MICK: On another note, do you feel that Pete Rose belongs in the Hall of Fame?
DICK: Yes I do. As a player, he was so dominating in his vigor for the game, his energy and accomplishments. He was the top hit getter. But he violated one of the things in baseball that is the biggest no no which is even above steroids but that will be up there too. Betting is the last thing you want to be associated with by even a little bit. It is something that major league baseball protects themselves from and Rose violated that. I don't think he was the kind of player who would vote against himself and then not put out. I don't think he ever threw a game. I think he played every game and managed every game with the intention of winning. I really don't think his ban will be a forever thing. So for his accomplishments as a player, he should be in. I say that because there are many rascals in the Hall of Fame and a lot of people who did worse things.
MICK: How did you originally partner up with Frank and Peggy Steele?
DICK: I was doing graphic art work and illustration design work for the Philadelphia Eagles. There was a player who played for the Eagles named Pete Retzlaff and he was the general manager of the Eagles and he hired an assistant whom I knew. I got to do work for them and when Pete Retzlaff left the Eagles, he got a license to a project with the NFL. The fellow I knew recommended that I write it and illustrate it. In this particular project, Retzlaff was partners with Frank Steele. That's where I met him. The project was a failure unfortunately. Frank had the same love for baseball as myself and he was also a collector of the relics of baseball.
He was an attorney and held a chair on the stock exchange and was retired from all that. One thing lead to another and I happen to be in the right place at the right time!
MICK: Does that partnership continue?
DICK: No Frank passed away in 2001. We had discontinued the Perez Steele Gallery venture because his wife Peggy said they were no longer interested in pursuing it. He was the main front man in the venture. He was the guy that got things done, got permissions, and all of those necessary activities that goes in the production of commercial products for the art work I was doing. Peggy is still associated with the Baseball Hall of Fame. There is an endowment that she has given to the HOF for the internship program there.
MICK: Do you still paint for Topps Baseball Cards?
DICK: Not now but I'm still on call with them. When I was originally asked to participate in the Topps products, I thought that was fantastic. They do a great job and they have a sensitivity to the game's past. I've always admired the cards they did way back then. Because I did those kind of paintings of early baseball, it was a natural tie in with them. Topps is the only card company licensed to do baseball. They are always looking to satisfy their audience whom they feel is mainly young people as opposed to collectors. They always want to do something fresh and new. I respect that as a business decision. They treated me real well, they are great people and they put out a terrific product.

MICK: Out of the thousands of paintings you've done, do you have any particular favorite?
DICK: There are so many. There is a painting I did of Chilli Davis for a Diamond Kings card in an art treatment which was kind of a departure for me and it really came out well. I don't know why but I really loved that painting. It's dynamic and not your usual portrait, a little more vibrant in color. There is a Ty Cobb that I did about a year ago which was auctioned off at one of the auction companies and got a nice price for. That was a large painting and considered that a good one. There are a number of paintings I love but it's trying to distinguish between the children!
MICK: Are you a collector also:
DICK: I was but there were a lot of things buried in drawers. I eventually divested myself from many of those things. I collected when I was really into the Perez Steele venture with Frank. I had an entire collection of news photos from the Philadelphia Bulletin. They went out of business and their entire baseball collection of photographs was sold to someone. They sold it to someone else and then I bought them. There were hundreds of photos that were fantastic. Eventually I auctioned them off. I do collect original travel books. I'm not into autographs or equipment, especially modern. I've been associated with the Philadelphia Phillies since 1972 so I do have some World Series rings and some Pennant rings that I will treasure forever.
MICK: What projects do you have coming up after the Agora exhibition?
DICK: Laying on a beach somewhere on a tropical island! It's been real hectic lately. Art is really a commercial activity. Even though the gallery has done a lot, there's a lot that I have to do too. I have a number of collectors of my own that I communicate with and prepare materials for and do email blasts for. Recently I also moved from Pennsylvania to New York and that alone was a big challenge because I was downsizing and had to set up another studio. So I don't know if I will be doing more sports related paintings. I always wanted to do just a regular landscape! I've done them but they are not in abundance in my portfolio.

Dick Perez: a solo exhibition of baseball's finest
March 26 - April 16, 2013
AGORA GALLERY 530 West 25th Street, New York, NY 212.226.4151
Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-ScbzeARFg to view a video about the artist.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

The LORD'S PRAYER in Popular Culture

The Lord's Prayer, more commonly known as Our Father, is without a doubt the most popular prayer in the world. It came directly from the lips of Jesus Christ himself and it's words are as hallowed now as they were 2000 years ago. In fact, every line in The Lord's Prayer is immediately recognized because of it's enormity. I've done some research and found it's treasured lines in various forms of popular culture. Here is what I have found...

OUR FATHER(s)-- is a 2005 television film directed by Dan Curtis and starring Ted Danson, Christopher Plummer, Brian Dennehy and Ellen Burstyn. The screenplay was written by Thomas Michael Donnelly, based on a book of David France.

Gary Cooper, WHO ART IN HEAVEN (Gary Cooper, que estás en los cielos) movie 1981.

HALLOWED BE THY NAME- is a song written by Steve Harris for the 1982 Iron Maiden album The Number of The Beast.

THY KINGDOM COME- is the eighth solo album from Grammy Award-winning gospel singer CeCe Winans.

THY WILL BE DONE- heavy metal American band from Providence, Rhode Island.

ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN- is the third album by the rock band Angel.

GIVE US THIS DAY- is a 1949 British film, directed by Edward Dmytryk.

OUR DAILY BREAD- movie written, directed and produced by King Vidor; released by United Artists in 1934.

AND FORGIVE US OUR TRESPASSES- The Closer TV show: Season 7, Episode 5.

AS WE FORGIVE THOSE- Reba TV Show: Season 6, Episode 8

Those Who Trespass Against Us: One Woman's War Against the Nazis by Karolina Lanckoronska

LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION- is an album by David Byrne, released in 2003 for the movie Young Adam, a film directed by David MacKenzie.

DELIVER US FROM EVIL- Heavy Metal Band from Indiana.

AMEN- is an American television sitcom produced by Carson Productions that ran from September 27, 1986 to May 11, 1991 on NBC.

I hope these words stay with you and enrich your life each and every day!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Grand Opening of the SUFFOLK THEATER!

It was 1933 all over again last Saturday night as the newly renovated Suffolk Theater in Riverhead reopened to the thrills of the hundreds who came for the glorious "Back To The 30's" party. And what a party it was!
The theater has just been totally refurbished in every aspect and even the original art deco looks like new. It is nothing short of spectacular!

In front of the theater, old vintage cars lined the street as spotlights scanned the sky. It looked like a Hollywood premiere with the red carpet and the photographers continually snapping pictures. News boys handed out copies of The Suffolk Theater Times, gangsters and old time cops mingled with the crowd as everybody made their way inside. Most of the patrons were clad in 1930's dresses and suits. Fedoras were everywhere!
Once inside, the sounds of Grammy Award winner Vince Giordano and the Nighthawks filled the air with music from way back when. The ultra classy nightclub setting was unbelievable with plenty of tables and chairs in the multi leveled theater. With a large bar downstairs and another on the upper level, finding a drink was not a hard task.
Unique hors d'oeuvres were brought around all evening and even some celebrities from the past were spotted in the crowd. We had the pleasure of running into Charlie Chaplin and Mae West!
Bob Spiotto, executive director of the Suffolk Theater, did a fine job choreographing the whole evening. Bob is also a well known colorful actor who will be bringing his Danny Kaye Tribute show to the stage on March 10.
He introduced Diane and Bob Castaldi, owners of the theater, to the the crowd. This has been their dream to bring something like this back to life and they sure have accomplished that in a big way. Diane Castaldi has been aesthetically instrumental in the transformation of this unique and historic theater. New York Mayor LaGuardia even made an appearance and spoke to the crowd. It was actually famed actor Tony LoBianco, who is currently playing LaGuardia in an off Broadway play "The Little Flower".
Wonderful world class dancers performed dances from the bygone era as flappers and other patrons joined them. It truly was a sight to see.
There are many great shows coming up and they are happening almost every day. Movies, jazz concerts, tributes ..something for everyone.
As we left the theater, we passed the old time vehicles once again and stepped back into the future. But we will definitely be returning to this new jewel of Long Island!
Special thanks to all who made this happen including Diane and Bob Castaldi, executive director Bob Spiotto, Kim Folks- director of events and development, Susan Gentile Hackett-director of marketing and public relations, LynnAnn Kolesar- office and box office manager, and Jim Vignato- technical director and production manager. Hats off to their fine work and bravo to the new Suffolk Theater! Let the shows begin!
For more information on upcoming shows, please go to: http://www.suffolktheater.com/
The Suffolk Theater is located right in the heart of Riverhead: 118 E Main Street, Riverhead, NY 11901 | (631) 727-4343

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Think you know OSCAR?

On Sunday, February 24 2013, the world will turn it's attention to Hollywood for the 85th Academy Awards Ceremony where the movie industry honors it's own in ultra grand fashion. The grand prize in each category is probably the most famous trophy in the world, the hallowed Oscar.
Since the first awards banquet on May 16, 1929, in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Blossom Room, 2,809 statuettes have been presented. Each January, additional new golden statuettes are cast, molded, polished and buffed by R.S. Owens & Company, the Chicago-based awards manufacturer retained by the Academy since 1983.
Oscar stands 13½ inches tall and weighs in at a robust 8½ pounds. The film reel features five spokes, signifying the five original branches of the Academy: actors, directors, producers, technicians and writers. Although the statuette remains true to its original design, the size of the base varied until 1945, when the current standard was adopted.
MGM art director Cedric Gibbons designed a statuette of a knight standing on a reel of film gripping a crusader’s sword. The Academy tapped Los Angeles sculptor George Stanley to realize the design in three dimensions – and the world-renowned statuette was born.
The Oscars used to be made of bronze but now the statues are made out of britannia metal, a pewter-like alloy which is then plated in copper, nickel silver, and finally, 24-karat gold. However, due to a metal shortage in World War II, the Academy Awards used painted plaster instead for three years. In the early part of the war, plaques were given out instead of the statuettes.

Recently, Mary Astor's 1941 Oscar plaque award sold for $171,089 in a British online auction. When the war was over, the Academy invited everyone who won fake plaster Oscars and plaques to have them replaced with real ones made out of metal. Some people thought that the Academy gave out Oscars made out of wood. In fact, only one wooden Oscar was ever given. In 1938, ventriloquist Edgar Bergen received a wooden Oscar for his work with his wooden dummy, Charlie McCarthy.
It takes 3-4 weeks to manufacture 50 statuettes.I spoke to Scott Seigel, President of R.S. Owens, and he told me that 60 Oscars have been created by R.S. Owens for this year's awards. These Oscars are usually flown to Hollywood in time for the event. This year, for the first time, they are on a road trip across the United States stopping in various cities along the way so people can see and hold a real Oscar. The first stop was in NYC on February 4 followed by PHILADELPHIA, WASHINGTON DC, BALTIMORE, CHICAGO, ST. LOUIS, KANSAS CITY, HOUSTON, DALLAS, PHOENIX and finally THE OSCARS!
Each nominee in every category has an engraved metal plague created to be affixed to the winning Oscar. Only the winner's engraved plaque is saved and the others are destroyed. After the ceremony, the winners take their newly awarded Oscars to the Governor's Ball and that is where the plaques are mounted onto the Oscar.
R.S. Owens also repairs and refurbishes Oscars. 5-6 Oscars come in annually for this service. The cost to do this procedure is almost as much as a new Oscar would cost. In the past year, Bing Crosby's Oscar for "Going My Way" (1944) and an Oscar for "The Godfather" (1974) were refurbished.
It's been over 80 years since that first gathering in Hollywood. Today, Oscar's symbol of film making achievement still has that magical grandeur that makes it the most famous award in the world.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Talking With Patty Duke!

At the young age of sixteen years old, Anna Marie Patty Duke became the youngest person to win an Academy Award for her portrayal of Helen Keller in "The Miracle Worker". She followed that with becoming the youngest to ever have a Television show named after her "The Patty Duke Show". Her many years of triumphs on the screen were only disguising the troubles she was having in her personal life with manic depression. Today, she is a real survivor who continually helps others facing the same problems through her heartfelt work all over the country. Patty and her husband live quietly in Idaho these days with her large family around her. I had the great pleasure and honor to speak with Patty from her Idaho home....

MICK: How is life for you these days?
PATTY: Life for me these days is too quiet! I would love to be working but I guess with us older actresses, there are a number of us in line. And I think also since I moved to Idaho it gives the impression that I am retired. Please tell everyone that I am not!
MICK: Are there any films for you in the near future?
PATTY: Not that I know of! I have a couple of plays coming up. One is a very funny play and it is in Hawaii. A month's paid vacation in Hawaii! The other is in very early stages and we don't know what will happen. It's a one woman show about Mary Lincoln. It's wonderfully written. I'm already memorizing the lines because there won't be anyone out there to save me!
MICK: Wow that's great because Lincoln is very much into the mainstream now!
PATTY: That's right! There is much depth to Mary Lincoln's story and the things she did after the assassination.
MICK: Would you consider coming back to Broadway?
PATTY: Sure! Do you have a play for me? I have come, in my later years, to just love the theater. We have a number of regional theaters where we live
and every time I can, I play on their stages. It is so good for me working with young people who are not professional actors. They are as professional as anyone out there. I learn so much from them! It's been a lot of fun doing that.

MICK: Your work with mental health has been well documented in your books
"Call Me Anna" and "A Brilliant Madness: Living With Manic Depression" and the tremendous work you've done for the cause. Would you consider this your greatest achievement?
PATTY: No I think my greatest achievement was choosing my husband! But it certainly has been right up there as one of the most significant things that have been a part of my life. When someone says that my book has flipped the switch for them and they realize what's going on with them. How much more could you ask for in life? To help a stranger like that! I still travel and speak on the topic and that has become a wonderful way to relate to people who are so eager to demonstrate their love. It turns out to be a love fest! I get at least as much out of it as they do.
MICK: In your illustrious show business career, what would you consider to be your favorite moment?
PATTY: That's hard because I've had a lot of favorite moments. Certainly playing Helen Keller has to be right up there on the list. And mostly because of working with Anne Bancroft. We were a terrific team and I miss her terribly.
MICK: Was she your favorite costar?
PATTY: Now I don't want to insult anyone else! She was such a decent person. I wouldn't have known those words back then. She was very generous of her spirit with me. For instance, "half hour" as we talk in the theater, is a sacred time for people to get ready to go on stage. She always allowed me into her dressing room. We would kid around and tell jokes because Mel Brooks was there too! I knew as a child that she was real generous to let me do that but now as an adult who does theater, I know even more how precious that time is.
MICK: Did you ever get to meet Helen Keller?
PATTY: Yes I did! I was 12 years old and an actress, Katherine Cornell, was a neighbor of Helen Keller's. She came to see the play "The Miracle Worker" on opening night and said "Would you like to meet Helen Keller?".
I was tempted to say "No I am busy" but I didn't! So she arranged it.
I went to Miss Keller's house in Arcan Ridge, Connecticut. We had the most delightful day! It was awesome to watch her come down the stairs in her beautiful blue dress. She never touched the railing. She had a thread on the opposite wall and she would put her pinky on that thread and walk down the stairs in such a stately manner. After the great stately walk down the stairs, she became like a giddy girl! We had the best time. We must have spent the whole day there. She was eager to know how much I loved playing her. She wanted to come to the show but she had recently lost her second "Annie Sullivan", Polly. She was in mourning so she didn't want to leave her house. But our meeting was truly magical, mystical. I treasure those moments.
MICK: Do you keep in contact with your TV dad William Schallert?
PATTY: I sure do! He is 91 years old now and sharp as a tack and philly as he always was. I look very much to him for fatherly advise and comfort. He is always there to give it!
MICK: Do you still get lots of fan mail?
PATTY: I get lots of emails and Twitter and Facebook. I don't know how to do that so my husband tells me what comes in and I tell him what to say in reply! Someday I'm going to come into the Twenty First Century but not right away!
MICK: Are you a religious person?
PATTY: Not formal religion. Occasionally I find myself needing to go back to the Catholic Church almost for a booster shot. I consider myself a really good person who likes to follow in the steps of Jesus Christ but not necessarily be part of a congregation. It works for me!
We have a lot of nieces and nephews here and they are very Catholic. They always pray for me!
MICK: Which of today's actors and actresses do you admire?
PATTY: Anne Hathaway just took my breath away in "Les Miserable" and I sure hope she wins the Oscar. What a performance! She certainly deserves it! You have to run, don't walk, to see that movie. It is one of the most stunning times I ever had watching a movie or anything else for that matter.
MICK: Are you close to your children?
PATTY: Oh yes! The only problem is the distance geographically. But we are certainly in touch at least two times a week with the older boys. We have our daughter here and she has two little girls and Sean has three little girls. They're not so little anymore! The oldest one will be seventeen soon, the next one is eleven and seven. It's a nice big family and I always know that on the holidays. I never have enough table space or chairs!

MICK: What advise would you give to an up and coming actress?
PATTY: On the negative side, I would like to prepare them as much as possible for what eventually will become a constant line of rejection. It's very hard to keep your energy going when that happens. You don't know why when you go in and audition and you don't know if you will get the part or not. Nobody ever tells you why you didn't get it. You spend a lot of time beating yourself up for what you do not know. The other thing I would say id be true to yourself. One of the most important things any actor has to do is to really listen, not just to the director but to what's going on around you. Even if you don't have a job at the moment, just observe people and observe the human condition. It's like putting money in the bank. It will be there for you when you need it.

For more information on Patty:
Patty is now on your favorite social websites! The two best ways to communicate more directly with Patty are through Twitter and Facebook.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Max's Kansas City Project

From the 1960's until the 1970's, MAX'S KANSAS CITY was the quintessential night club in New York City. Anybody who was anybody came to Max's..musicians, poets, artists and politicians all gathered there. Many of the era's great rock bands got their start at Max's. YVONNE SEWALL-RUSKIN is the widow of MAX'S founder Mickey Ruskin. She has seen it all and has established The MAX's KANSAS CITY PROJECT in memory of the her late husband. The project, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, provides emergency funding and resources for individuals in the arts in crisis and empowers teens through the arts.
I had the great pleasure to speak with Yvonne recently from her Woodstock NY home...

MICK: When did you first meet Max's Kansas City owner Mickey Ruskin?
YVONNE: I met Mickey when I went for a waitressing job interview in the August of 1967. I graduated college from the University of Connecticut in 1967. That was the Summer of Love. I went out to Haight Ashberry in San Francisco to hang out on Hippie Hill in Golden Gate Park. Then I hitchhiked back to New York because I was running out of money. I wanted to travel around Europe though my family wasn't wealthy and I grew up in Westport, Connecticut. Earning money to do some traveling before I started a career was important so I thought waitressing for a year would allow me time to save up the money. My friend, who had been going to Pratt Institute and was a photographer, told me about Max's.
Mickey and I became very enamored with each other over the interview. I think it was probably because we looked alike! There was a lot of electricity in the room. I went home and said I met the man who is going to be the father of my children! I didn't know he owned Max's and didn't know anything about him. I had seen him out on the street prior to the interview while I was waiting outside and thought to myself "Who is the Ichabod Krane type guy?". I think it was meant to be!
MICK: What would you consider one of your fondest memories of Max's?
YVONNE: Mickey!
MICK: I guess that is pretty obvious! Did you have a favorite celebrity who frequented Max's?
YVONNE: A lot of the big celebrities like Mick Jagger, Dennis Hopper, Jack Nicholson, people like that didn't come there all the time. Those type of people are very interesting. Then there was Abbie Hoffman, Allen Ginsberg, Andy Warhol. I was more of a music person so when the music started upstairs, I was more interested in someone like Lou Reed. I was always into music and Mickey was the art person. He introduced me to the art world and I kind of introduced him to the music world. He was very shy and I was very outgoing. It worked really well!
MICK: What would you consider the strangest thing you saw at the club?
YVONNE: I was only 21 when I first started working there. At that time, it was a world of denizen characters, transvestites, the Theater of the Ridiculous, the Warhol crowd. It was the cornucopia of the cross pollination of all of the arts. Being in the ladies room with a couple of transvestites and them talking about having their menstrual cycles was a little strange because realistically these were males. That was all new to me because I grew up in Westport CT. When I would visit NYC I would encounter that on occasion but now I was in the thick of it. It was a positive awakening and a growth experience for me in more ways than one!
MICK: How did you get the ownership of the Max's Kansas City trademark?
YVONNE: When Mickey passed away, we were no longer a couple. He was married to Kathy but we did have our children in common whom he did see all the time. When he died, there was a life insurance policy in the corporation's name. The will stated that the children would each get a share of the policy but it went to the corporation and we never got it. We were in a lot of pain because Mickey had died suddenly. There were a lot of vultures out there that were going to exploit the opportunity. So getting the trademark was more of a responsibility to the children and I was the only one with the children. A friend of mine said I should trademark the name so that is what I did to protect the family.

MICK: Please tell me about the Max's Kansas City Project!
YVONNE: I established the non profit in Mickey's memory. In 1996, the 30th anniversary of Max's, we did a very huge event for homeless people living with AIDS. It was an art auction/party. Gagosian and Castelli owned a gallery down in Soho that was empty and up for sale so they let us use their gallery for that event. It was a fabulous event with lots of artists who donated their works to be auctioned off. There was another gallery across the street where we had the party. That was very successful and the money raised was donated to The Friends House, a place that still exists and is for homeless people living with AIDS. So when I got ownership of the trademark, I decided at that point that I was given this name for a reason and I had to do something good with it. I established the non-profit 5013c in Mickey's memory to provide emergency funding for individuals in the arts in need.
MICK: How do you raise money for the Project?
YVONNE: We do fundraisers. I sold the trademark six years ago so I could give all the kids the money and pay off my mortgage but kept some of the rights for the film I am working on, the foundation and my book that I have out. Someone has actually just finished a screenplay based on the book. I worked with them for five years as a consulting producer. I made a deal with the company that bought the name that they donate so much money each year to the non-profit. That,the fundraisers and getting the word out seeking donations. That's how we keep it going! We really need some heavy hitter donors to come on board to keep this going! My documentary that I am now finishing on Max's is now in production and the will bring visibility to the Project. My big vision for the non-profit is to align with a global organization and then I won't have to be the big chief! I'd like to become a good will ambassador and travel to give talks to teens.
MICK: When do you think the documentary will be finished?
YVONNE: Soon! There's a lot of interest in it. There is a very good law firm that is representing it. There is a rough cut already. I just have to decide which way I will go with it now because there is an opportunity for a partnership. Realistically, it should be completed in around six months.
MICK: Do you keep in contact with any of the great bands that played Max's?
YVONNE: Yes I am in contact with a lot of people because of the work on the film and just in general because I like them! I'm friends with Lou Reed. Bruce Springsteen played Max's in the beginning but I don't really know him personally. He was part of a double bill at Max's with Bob Marley and the Wailers when he made his debut. We got in touch with his people about doing an interview for the film but his management declined. If I had been able to get in touch with him personally it might have been different. I'd still like Patty Smith to do an interview for the film.
There's a lot of fascinating stories. Sargent Shriver met Jackie Curtis (a transvestite) in the back room at Max's Kansas City! Anybody who was anybody came to Max's. Bobby Kennedy came there. The favorite of the waitresses was Cary Grant. He came regularly when he was in NYC working on a film.
MICK: These days, what do you do for fun when you're not working on the project?
YVONNE: I go to the theater. I just saw Matthew Broderick in 'Nice Work If You Can Get It". Great show! I go to the Bearsville Theater up here in Woodstock and they have some great bands there. I saw Joe Cocker at Bethel Woods with Bruce Hornsby opening up. I'm very active! I go to art openings, I go bike riding.
MICK: You live year round in Woodstock?
YVONNE: I live primarily in Woodstock but I'm in NYC pretty much every week. I have a house for sale up here when when that sells, I plan to come back to NYC part time.
MICK: What bands do you listen to these days?
YVONNE: I like Dylan's new album. I still love REM even though they are now broken up. I'm looking forward to Radiohead's new CD that will be coming out soon. I love Norah Jones and Sheryl Crow. I love Blondie!
MICK: Do you see a lot of concerts?
YVONNE: Yes I do! I see a lot of music because there's a big music scene up here. I'm been to several of Levon Helm's Rambles. I used to hang out with Levon in the 70's. After Mickey and I separated, I lived here in Woodstock with my children. That was from 1976-1979. Paul Butterfield was here and so was Eric Anderson. I hung out with all those greats!
Yvonne still hangs out with many of the greats and her Max's Kansas City Project continues to flourish through her valiant and thoughtful efforts. Long live Max's Kansas City!!

For more information, please check out:
Max’s Kansas City Project PO Box 53 Woodstock, NY 12498

Monday, January 7, 2013


Here are two more of our world famous psychics and their predictions for 2013. Their success rate is truly amazing and sure to astound you again this year!

JANET RUSSELL is a well known Long Island based Intuitive/Spiritual Medium/psychic. She is also the host of one of New York’s top cable access shows, “Beyond the Unexplained” which appears nationwide and locally on Channel 20. Janet is known for her accuracy, honesty and on the mark readings. Janet’s predictions for 2013 are:

EVENTS: Since we all didn't dissolve into the air in 2012, 2013 will open many more to SPIRITUALITY there will be less anger and more people will respect, many more Natural or old fashioned healing aspects to help, there will be many more children born that are called CRYSTAL,INDIGO OR RAINBOW CHILDREN, these children are our future, but they will be labeled, and I dislike labels, but since they are so SPECIAL, these children are gifted, yes they may be out spoken, but most are very old souls and they are great in ARTS, MUSIC,SPORTS,and most will be natural healers as well, they are unique and extremely Intuitive as well as high levels of Insight and Knowledge. Many may have handicaps as well, but they will prove to the world and the universe that they may be special but they are so gifted that the parents that have there children, will be proud of these kids as they should be.

LINDSEY LOHAN will have another close call and this time she may end up in a very difficult situation, she is crying for help, but No one sees it, they just use it as gossip, but I feel that 2013 will be a new awakening for her, and feel she will truly meet people that want to help her, not just to use her, I feel she is very kind, but confused.
RICHARD GERE will help many but will do it more in a private way, he is a very Kind, Sincere and Giving soul.
BILLY JOEL ,CRISTY BRINKLEY, and there daughter ALEXA will do so much more for those that lost so much with Sandy the hurricane. They are all True Long Islanders and may even do some more charity work here in Long Island.

WEATHER: Last year I predicted that we would have a horrific hurricane around Halloween and sadly that did happen
I feel that we will still have some strange weather closer to March, feel that we will have some major snow storms ( hope I am wrong on this prediction) but feel that many will be stranded and home bound for at least a week or more, this will be a year of some major low temps and very high temps in June/July/August over 100 degrees, so get your air conditioners tuned up before the summer.

PSYCHIC NIKKI is known all over the world. Some of her clients include well-known movie stars, politicians, people from the sports world and business world, as well as the world of entertainment. Last year, Psychic Nikki predicted the death of Whitney Houston, the devastation of Hurricane Sandy and a sex scandal around Prince Harry.
For 2013, Nikki predicts...

Justin Beiber secret marriage Selina Gomez.
A kidnapping around psy gangham style.
Marriage for Oprah.
A split for Jennifer garner and Ben Affleck.
A split Julianne Moore.
Daniel day lewis will be nominated for an Oscar for "Lincoln".
A marriage for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. And more children. Adam Levine of Maroon Five has to be careful of car accident. Babies and marriage for Jennifer Anniston.
Danger around Howard Stern.
Jack Nicholson hospitalized.
Cher has to watch health as well as her son Chaz. A famous late night show will be cancelled.
George Clooney will play James Bond in a commercial could replace Danial Craig in the future.
Another Hollywood hunk will follow Brad Pitt as a spokesperson for a perfume company for women.
The lone ranger film will be good for Johnny Depp. There is still grave danger for Johnny Depp.
A sex scandal around a comedic actor
Seattle, Washington in ruins after large earthquake.
A major car company will go bankrupt.
An escalator accident in New York city many people killed. A huge earthquake in the Caribbean.
Tragedy at a golf course when lightening hits many golfers. Turtles get loose on a plane disrupting a flight.
A bunny ranch in Nevada will burn down.
Experimental monkeys will escape from a lab in Europe causing a pandemic. Breakthroughs in the cure for lupus.
A super snowstorm in New York, Boston, and Toronto brings 25 ft. of snow.
Fish will evaporate all over the world.
Terrorist attacks London, New York, Chicago and Toronto. Iran and Israel will attack each other.
North Korea will attack South Korea.
Explosion and a plane going into the CN tower in Toronto, Canada.
An earthquake in Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec.
A major earthquake in Russia.
Danger around president Obama.
A gigantic earthquake in St Louis, Missouri, Chicago and Tennessee. An earthquake in the Middle East.
An earthquake in Egypt destroying parts of pyramids


As we enter the new year, thoughts of what may happen cross all of our minds. For the third year in a row, I have asked some of the world's most famous psychics for their predictions for 2013. Here is what they foresee...

NANCY BRADLEY is one of the top ten psychics in the world today. She is a regular on GOOD DAY SACRAMENTO # 31 CBS, and is seen on many national shows. She is the author of five best sellers including WORLD ACCORDING TO NANCY and INCREDIBLE WORLD OF GOLD RUSH GHOSTS. NANCY ’S predictions have the highest accuracy rate in the world. She predicted the death of many stars last year, including Whitney Houston’s. She predicted ALL of the major earthquakes that have happened in 2012. NANCY is known as the CELEBRITIES PSYCHIC because of her huge celebrity clientele. She currently lives in Northern California. Nancy's predictions for 2013 include:

1. Another death in Kennedy family officially ends the old dreams of Camelot!
2. We will be at war again shortly.
3. Repeat of many earthquakes already listed including expecting some cluster quakes in the U.S.
4. Watch for hidden nuclear facilities in Arab countries, North Korea, and China . U.S. better take notice!
5. ANOTHER major earthquake in Japan and other disasters in the same region, flooding, tornadoes.
6. Earthquakes around nuclear energy sites, and the damage they are doing should be proof enough that they should ALL be dismantled and their sites made as secure as possible for future leakage which will harm future generations. ALL governments should re-evaluate what has happened so far with this horrible technology. They are extremely dangerous to the world in general, and over 50% of aquatic life in the ocean is now contaminated because of radiation, and should not be eaten. Aquatic life is morphing into strange mutants as well because of man’s stupidity. When the oceans die, WE do also! IN ADDITION, ALL OFFSHORE OIL DRILLING must stop at once. This is also contributing to destroying the oceans of the world.
7. A male actor with a B. in his name will die as well as 2 comedians, 3 singers and two more actors within 6 months.
8. Some MORE repeated earthquakes within the next two years in: all of Mexico, BAHA in particular, the Philippines, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Mid-east, Nicaragua, Fiji, Peru, North and South Korea, Canada, Australia, the Cayman Islands, many of the small islands, Pakistan, Africa, Russia, Japan, Taiwan, Turkey, Greece, Guam, England, China, Spain, Venezuela, Indonesia, New Zealand, El Salvador, Ecuador, Chili, Iran, Argentina, Panama, and New Guinea. NORTH SUMATRA should be on continuous alert! All earthquakes will be over six points in intensity. IN THE UNITED STATES: Hawaii, Alaska, Eureka, Oregon, San Francisco area, Washington State, Arizona, Nevada, Southern CA. will have cluster quakes, some sizable. Caution to people living around San Simeon, Oakland , and Davis . Strangely, there will be other sizable quakes in and around Pennsylvania , New York . New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Arkansas, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho,
Virginia, New Mexico, Delaware and Puerto Rico. All of New England should be on alert. Some very heavy OFF SHORE earthquakes, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean , and all across the world’s seas.
9. Significant climate changes across the world, global warming, tornadoes, floods, deeper details next issue.

Reality TV Star MICHELLE WHITEDOVE was crowned "America's #1 Psychic" by Lifetime TV. She proved her supernatural abilities on the competitive reality show "America's Psychic Challenge" where she was awarded this title of distinction. Worldwide the Psychic Challenge Franchise has achieved great success because of the ever increasing interest in psychic phenomena, authentic spirit communication, and the paranormal.
As an expert in her field, Whitedove has been featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, WGN, PBS-TV, Telemundo, City TV, and NPR. For more than ten years she has worked as a professional psychic medium, and spiritual teacher. There's a series of books that she's written about her adventures, and her insights into the journey of the soul to help you the spiritual seeker expand your personal truth. For 2013, Michelle predicts...

Prince William and Kate
I predict that this will be a very difficult pregnancy for Princess Kate. I ask that everyone send their prayers, love and healing thoughts to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge . I ask that the world respect their privacy during this time as Kate’s health is fragile and she deserves the love and support. I predict that this child will be a girl and then the second child will be a boy.

Prediction: Princess Kate will be favored by the Queen Mother. She and Prince William will be next in line for the throne. Kate will follow in the footsteps of Princess Diana, but will succeed even further. Kate is good soul who is very compassionate and wants to help those that are less fortunate. William and Kate are truly soul mates and when they leave this planet the world will weep.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie
As I write this 12/6/2012, I see that they are arranging their wedding. They ARE getting married; they promised their children and made a commitment to each other. I predict the wedding will be very private and held in secret: I see it during the Holidays.

In 2013, I predict that Angelina will gear up for more movies. Brad will step back and be more family minded. After they marry, he will do more writing and producing. Brad will be more behind the scenes – much like Clint Eastwood’s career. Brad’s other focus will be humanitarian projects for the needy and poverty stricken: funding, building and fundraising too. He will be the catalyst to get other A list celebrities involved in good works. I also see that Angie will coax Brad into another adoption and working with an orphanage or building one. They are scoring brownie points in Heaven for all of their humanitarian deeds and the money that give to these charitable projects.

Tyler Perry
I see that Tyler Perry is a man of God. He is a humble humanitarian doing work for children. I predict continued success with Tyler Perry. and his movies with positive messages. This is his true mission and calling. Tyler will not marry in this life. He is truly a gentle giant.

Rob Pattinson and Kristen Stewart
Forget the break-up rumors, I predict that the Twilight stars will be married in 2013 and I see a pregnancy too! Kristen will take many types of roles; she is much more diverse that she is given credit. My prediction for Rob, he will continue to be a sought after star and box office draw.

Paris Jackson
Michael Jackson's first born will follow in her father’s footsteps. I predict that Paris Jackson will go on to become a multi-gifted star: modeling, movies, and singing. Michael taught her well, she is humble and yet very talented. She is truly a good person and she will stand up for what is right. Eventually, Paris will go up against the family for control of Michael’s legacy and estate.

Barack Obama
I predict that President Obama will do good things for the pro-choice movement, same sex marriage and the legalization of marijuana. His presidency is mostly ineffective when it comes to Jobs and the US economy. He’s a man of eloquent speeches; not a man of action. I see that his security team has again increased. His life is in grave danger.

Lady Gaga
In 2013 Lady Gaga has an identity crisis but she will continue to bang out the hits! She’s a diva and a chameleon and will do whatever it takes to continue her success. I predict that she will do more branding and product lines and this will make more money than her music. I see that she is over scheduled and this will lead to a health crisis and hospitalization in 2013: there’s an autoimmune disease and drug use and a suicide likely in the coming years. Like many great artists, she falls into depression about her talent.

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez
In 2013 Selena Gomez will split with Justin Bieber. His next serious romance will be will a blonde starlet. I predict that Justin Bieber will constantly reinvent himself as he gets older. In his future I see music, movies, producing and clothing lines too much like Justin Timberlake. It’s a Bieber world.

Russell Brand
When I look into his soul I see that he’s a genius, a mad scientist, a court jester and Rock and Roll Jesus – that’s a lot of personalities for one body! In 2013 I predict a super successful world tour for Russell Brand with his humorous social commentary filled with global consciousness and preaching love. I also see a scandalous relationship: a quick marriage or a runaway groom scenario. I predict a baby out of wedlock by someone that wants to use his fame and fortune. He’s super smart but Love and Drugs are his weakness. I see Rehab for Russell in 2013 also.

Johnny Depp
2013 is a year of midlife crisis for Johnny Depp. His career takes a bit of a nose dive because he is bored with his odd-ball character roles. He feels he’s played out. This year is about enjoying the earthly pleasures, girls, girl, and more girls. I predict that Johnny Depp will father a child with a fling.

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez
Halle wants out of the rat race, she wants to move out of the country and raise her daughter far away from Hollywood . I predict in 2013 she will marry Olivier Martinez and with this new marriage she will become very selective with her movie roles. I see Berry and Martinez with a new addition to their family in the future.

John Travolta
2013 will be a comeback year for John; he’s ready to perform again! 2013-2014 I predict that the family will grow with another child.

Marie Osmond
Unfortunately Marie Osmond cannot bear the loss of her son and her career in Hollywood has not gone as planned. The joy has gone out of her life. I see that she is in a deep, deep depression, bipolar and on suicide watch. Marie could leave this earth before her time. Pray for her.

Andy Cohen
He’s spreading his wings and branching out. I predict a prime time talk show for Bravo executive Andy Cohen 2013-2014.

Whoopi Goldberg
I predict that 2013 will be a great year for Whoopi. I see her producing comedies and educating the poverty stricken from behind the scenes. There’s no diva here, Whoopi likes to be treated like a normal person, she’s down to Earth and humble. Go Whoopi!

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes
Tom has already made a decision to go for custody of Suri, the plot has already begun. I predict that Katie and Tom will be back in court and he will stop at nothing to have Suri by his side...he might even denounce his religion. This will be an epic legal battle but public opinion will be with Katie. After all she left him so that Suri would not be brainwashed with Scientology and Katie will spend her last dollar fighting him. She out maneuvered Tom before lets pray that she can do it again. Katie has balls and her popularity will skyrocket to Tom’s dismay.

Bette Midler
2013 is Bette’s year! I predict that she will be working towards her own TV talk show. I’m seeing more movies and a new CD coming too!

JOHN COHAN is universally known as “The Psychic to The Stars. He started as a child and his career has spanned more than four decades. His Exclusives and Yearly Predictions to Cindy Adams New York Post have been 25 years in a row.
“Catch a Falling Star” is the new tell all book written by Celebrity Psychic John Cohan. For 2013, John predicts:

1. Katie Holmes gets a new mate and gets pregnant. Tom Cruise leaves that religious group to get a new life for himself.
2. Mamie Van Doren gets a seat at the UN as "Ambassador of Love" to the World.
3. Connie Stevens has to sell her house because of money issues at hand also an investigation of the whereabouts of her former Boy Toy Lover Charlie Roberts and his disappearance.
4. Tracey Bregman of the Soap "Young and the Restless" is given the pink slip and boyfriend and her break up after he's caught with a younger girl.
5. Kristen Bell becomes a major movie star with great success.
6. Sally Kirkland gets a nervous breakdown but from the pain she gets the gain.Recovery.
7. Michelle Stafford of the Soap Opera starts a bitter feud with Tracey Bregman where a lot of dirty laundry is aired.Behind the scenes dirt revealed.
8. Todd Fisher and Catherine Hickland happily married after many past mistakes with love.
9. Joely Fisher and Chris Duddley have a legal separation making the way for a divorce very close.
10. Jess Walton of the Soap Opera is let go after many years there. Age plays a factor.
11. Mary Jo Slater the big Maven of casting at the Soap's will be in a tell all book about her.The book gives definition to "The Casting Couch" myth being very real.
12. Barbra Streisand great comeback in movies. Fab results. Her son Jason makes it big.

For more information on NANCY BRADLEY: www.nancybradley.org/
For more information on MICHELLE WHITEDOVE: michellewhitedove.com
For more information on JOHN COHAN: http://www.facebook.com/people/John-Cohan/100000005552238