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Part 2- The World's Most Famous Psychic's Predictions for 2012!

Here are 3 more of the world's most famous psychic's predictions for 2012. Their uncanny ability and talent has amazed the world for many years and they are here to share their predictions with us once again!

MICHELLE WHITEDOVE is the first legitimate Medium to prove her supernatural abilities by being tested on American television. Filmed under strict FCC guidelines to guarantee authenticity, Lifetime TV named her America's #1 Psychic, awarding her this title of distinction after winning "America's Psychic Challenge", a competition series with demanding tests. As an expert in her field, Michelle has been interviewed by Matt Lauer on "The Today Show" and she's featured in the HBO Documentary "No One Dies In Lily Dale" which is airing worldwide. For 2012, Michelle predicts...

As we move throught the transitional period 2011-2016, we will continue to experience a cleansing. Much will be wiped away by a higher rate of Natural Catastrophic events: floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, cyclones and hurricanes I have been given the vision of three days of fire in the sky; all I know is this is needed to assist in this Ascension: to shift the Earth's vibration to a higher attunement.

There will be unnatural weather too. The world governments will be experimenting will our atmosphere and this will cause for many unprecedented cataclysmic Earth events disguised as Natural events. Sites for you>HAARP Project Alaska; EISCAT Norway; CERN Switzerland

Japan will continue to take more blows, earthquakes and tsunamis.

East Coast of the USA will experience another earthquake.

I see a major earthquake for Los Angeles.

Volcanic eruptions in Washington: Mount Saint Helen and Mount Rainer.

Yellowstone will erupt in 2012-2014.

Ellen DeGeneres's daytime talk show will continue to be a success. Ellen will go back to the stage and do comedy. I also see her getting offered a movie. Ellen and Portia de Rossi will go through a vitro fertilization to have children together. They are very much in love and a committed couple.

I see a bombing on Wall Street.

Occupy Wall Street has turned into Occupy All Streets. The peaceful protests will turn into riots and looting unless they come up with a Plan Of Action to create change.

China is waiting for the USA economy to collapse. They own us; they own our debt. They are waiting to take over the world and America too. They are preparing to rule the world with an Iron Fist. MAJOR PREDICTION: China has prepared Concentration Camp Condos, they are ready and waiting. China has built modern day concentration camp cities. They have already built 64 million apartments; they has these "ghost cities" ready and waiting to move international citizens (including US citizens) into these high-rise internment camps. Don't let the facade of these vacant modern looking cities fool you; this is a Communist country and these cities will be run by the military.

In 2012, the US economy will crash. Do not invest in the stock market. We are in a depression, not a recession. In the year 2000, I predicted the coming collapse of the World Financial Market and more in my book "She Talks With Angels" (available at AMAZON).

the US dollar will plummet in 2012.

Gold will go to $2800 an ounce in the next two years. Gold coins are still a safe investment. I would advise that you buy GOLD that is not registered.

The US Government has gone underground. The main location is Colorado Springs. There are facilities in Virginia too. The underground man made cities are preparing for mayhem and war. The Government is not for the people, it's for the one percent.

I see that there will be a solar flare that will knock out the power grids for a portion of the USA. It will take months to get the power functioning.

LADY GAGA: 2012 will be her biggest year yet. Please pray for her health. I see major health issues; lupus, exhaustion, chronic fatigue, dehydration and ultimately tragic death unless she changes the course she is on.

Now is the time to become more self-sufficient, steer away from materialism and instead invest in items to become self reliant: a clean water source, indoor gardening, outdoor crops, learn to bake, can and preserve foods.

To be spiritually self reliant is important too. Listen to your intuition, pray and be grateful, fine tune your meditation so that you are open to receive direct guidance from your Unseen Support Team.

PSYCHIC NIKKI is known all over the world and is based in Canada. Last year, she correctly predicted the deaths of Elizabeth Taylor and Amy Winehouse, the trouble in Syria, the protests on Wall Street and worldwide, the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, etc...For 2012, Nikki predicts...

An earthquake in Mexico destroys most of Mexico City.

Major breakthroughs in the cure for breast cancer.

A giant earthquake in California.

Cyber hackers disrupt computers worldwide.

More solar flares disrupt communications worldwide.

Problems in Lebanon with possible attacks on Beirut or an uprising with Beirut on fire.

Animals wild and domestic attack people.

A theater in Dublin Ireland will burn to the ground.

Breakthroughs in birth defects through stem cell research.

Rob Kardashian will be having a reality show.

Another marriage and baby for Kim Kardashian.

Michael Buble gets acting roles in lots of movies.

Julia Roberts will be directing more and become a spokesperson for an international charity.

Danger for Sean Coombs.

Danger for Lady Gaga.

Actress Nila Kunis will be on the runway and become a fashion spokesperson for many brands, possibly her own.

William and Kate become parents to at least one child, possibly twins.

Ellen DeGeneres joins the army for one week.

Anderson Cooper gets nominated for an Emmy Award.

I see a fire at Anderson Cooper's house.

Meryl Streep gets nominated for an Oscar for her portrayal of Margaret Thatcher in the movie "Iron Lady T".

JOSEPHINE GHIRINGHELLI is a world renowned Psychic, Medium, Lecturer, Teacher, TV and Radio personality whose knowledge and gift has helped thousands of people from all walks of life. Ms. Ghiringhelli, has been teaching Psychic and Spiritual Development Classes for the last 20 years at varying locations including Hofstra University. Josephine works closely with her good friend John Edward on his site For 2012, Josephine predicts:

My strong feeling is that 2012 will be a very bitter sweet year, with the good comes strong waves of adversity!
I stated in last years predictions that the world will not come to an end. And I quote: "i have been asked over and over again about the 2012 Pole Shift, Mayan, I Ching and Nostradamus predictions, which is, that the world is going to end on December 21st, 2012. It is my belief that over the decade, specifically from when the Twin Towers came tumbling down, that something magical happened to us as a society. we opened up, we united in spirit, and we sent an energy out into the universe which changed the course of our destiny". So, as you can see, we are still here I am happy to say!

Chaos in Korean Government causes an uprising, breaking of barriers, significant changes caused by lack of necessities.

President Obama continues to struggle due to lack of support from within.

In 2012, universal health care policies will still be in disarray with no resolve in sight this year.

The European dollar will allow new countries within it's structure. A new era of cooperation.

A lot riding on China to hold the line in growth and stability. Midyear, additional stress put on China due the earthly disasters and natural occurrences on a mass level. Significant damage and death. This will cause economic problems for all, especially Europe.

Interest will turn to India and Arabian countries for new growth.

Oil will devalue overall, allowing for additional economic support.

The Stock Market on the US front will remain fairly stable. Economic growth will up the trend and the pressure will subside a little until mid summer. Fears of a faltering market will cause downturns, but all in all a fairly good start to 2012.

For most of 2012, interest rates will remain at an all time low. Invest in real estate if money allows but remember, this is not the time to sell.

I predict Seismic and volcanic activity in Northern Hemisphere areas like Greenland, Iceland, Alaska. This especially causes severe flooding. First activity late in winter February/March.

In Spring, early summer, there will be erosion of land and water will be rising in upper California, the northern coast, especially peninsula type land masses and island structures.

Talk shows will compete stronger than ever this year to come out on top but I feel many will be quick to fizzle.

Oprah has been giving much thought to making appearances in scattered specials; announcements will be made in early fall of 2012.

Britney Spears toys with the idea of having another child and continues to have consistency and strong love in her life. Good for you Britney! we are happy for you!

I worry about Barbara Walters. Her health may take a turn for the worse. Hang in there as you are loved by all!

Lindsay Lohan announces love in her life which brings her to a whole new level. Stay strong Lindsay and pave the way for all those watching you as a role model.

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World Famous Psychic's Predictions for 2012- Part 1

As we approach the new year, thoughts about what is to come crosses everybody's mind at one time or another. For the second year, I am proud to bring you the predictions for 2012 from some of the world's top psychics. Let us see what the future has in store for us....

JANET RUSSELL is a well known Long Island based Intuitive/Spiritual Medium/psychic. She is also the host of one of New York’s top cable access shows, "Beyond the Unexplained" which appears nationwide and locally on Channel 20. Janet is known for her accuracy, honesty and on the mark readings. Janet's predictions for 2012 are:

More people will go to holistic healers; They have all the positive energies to heal. We will be taking more natural medications and no more medications from doctors.

More People will be forgiven for their loans and will be able to forgo foreclosures so they can get back on their feet.

We will be using solar energies instead of the old standby of gas and electric.

People are not going to want to get married anymore as it's easier to live together rather than go through all the hassles with divorce. The only ones that win are the attorneys.

The newspapers will be a thing or a memory of the past by 2015. I feel that the only way a person can see what is going on will via the computer.

I feel that one state will be open to alternative lifestyle and people will move to that state because they feel more comfortable.

People will be airing their dirty laundry on teleservices. This way they will have a constant audience.

There will be less children born in 2012. People will get pets as they are less care sadly.

And yes, the government will admit that we do have contact with other beings in other dimensions.

JOHN COHAN is universally known as "The Psychic To The Stars. He started as a child and his career has spanned more than four decades. His Exclusives and Yearly Predictions to Cindy Adams New York Post has been 25 years in a row.
"Catch A Falling Star" is the new tell all book written by Celebrity Psychic John Cohan. In 2011, John correctly predicted the collapse of Jennifer Lopez's marriage and the downfall of Charlie Sheen. For 2012, John predicts:

The toast of supper clubs Michael Feinstein and his main man Terrance divorce...Nasty settlement battle for the former lounge singer.

Sally Kirkland and ex Nick Nolte get back together much to the surprise of his current sweetie.

Gina Lollobrigida, still the Italian bombshell, will come to Broadway and be a big hit!

Bernadette Peters will finally get the right kind of Healing over the loss of her husband and then finds a soul mate.

Angelina and Brad do a new movie together and meet fair revues.

Former screen beauty Diane McBain gets a new book out of her life and it's a big hit.

Natalie Wood's mystery death gets cleared up when her celebrity seer/ex boyfriend tells what really happened.

Connie Stevens is back in the headlines with newly discovered links to O.J. Simpson from the last months of Nicole Brown Simpson's life.

Oprah's right hand gal Gayle King leaves the nest for another channel away from Oprah. Good results but it creates bitterness from Oprah. revenge is sweet will be Oprah's thoughts.

Jeff Conaway's death gets a new investigation and it looks like suicide was the real culprit.

Cabaret singer Tony DeSare involved with a scandal that puts a damper to an otherwise promising career.

Rita Cosby gets in hot water when it's discovered she broke a gag order during the Anna Nicole Smith legal battles. Happy news for Howard K. Stern.

Roberta Wallach (Eli Wallach and Anne Jackson's daughter-actress) starts a romance with a now married movie star.

Elizabeth Taylor's children search for the out of wedlock daughter she had. Norah is the child Elizabeth gave up.

Joely Fisher and hubby Chris going the direction of the divorce courts.

Harry Connick Jr. starts a wonderful cycle of big hits. Movies are around the corner!

Celebrity Psychic NANCY BRADLEY is an award winning author and writer of five books and over 600 articles worldwide. So far, 98.6% of Nancy's predictions for 2011 have come to pass, including Charlie Sheen's troubles and leaving "Two and a Half Men", the deaths of Elizabeth Taylor and Amy Winehouse, and ALL of the major earthquakes including the one in Japan. Nancy Bradley, known as the celebrities psychic because of her huge celebrity clientele, is one of the TOP TEN PSYCHICS IN THE WORLD. Among her many TV and radio appearances , she can be seen the 2nd Friday morning of every month on the Channel 31 CBS show "Good Day Sacramento". Here are Nancy's predictions for 2012:

As I stated last year, starting in 2011, these NEXT THREE YEARS will be known as the EARTHQUAKE YEARS, but will also be extreme weather patterns all across the world. Flooding, tornadoes, volcanic eruptions and other natural disasters. Some of these above mentioned earthquakes have already expired, but those on this list are those that will HAPPEN AGAIN, and have further problems. Places that need to be aware of earthquake activity are: Canada, Australia, Philippines, Baja (Mexico), Cayman Islands, Columbia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Nicaragua,Fiji Islands, Peru, North and South Korea, Hawaii, Pakistan, Africa, Russia, Japan, Tonga, Taiwan, Turkey, Greece, Guam, England, Venezuela, China, Aleutian and Solomon Islands, Spain, ALL Indonesia in jeopardy, ALL Pacific Islands beware, Sumatra, New Zealand, Ecuador, Chili, Iran, Argentina and New Guinea. ALL these earthquakes are at LEAST 5.8, most over 6 or 7 points. IN THE USA, earthquakes will be felt in Southern California along the fault line, and in the desert areas. I would caution people living around the San Simeon area of California to be wary, and strangely, earthquakes of sizable capability will be felt in Illinois, Nevada, Colorado, Arkansas,m Oklahoma, Virginia, New Mexico, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware, all places not known for earthquake activity.

The Euro debt crisis will continue to get worse and folks should be ready for some strange turns. A suggestion of a world currency will arise to much debate.

Be aware that the US and China will get into heightened tensions and the US and the world would be well advised to watch out for China and N. Korea possibly joining together for world dominance and nuclear capacity.

More interesting than whom will be President next election (which has not been determined by Universal forces yet), watch what happens with the people in line..President Obama, Romney and Gingrich.

Six more Hollywood icons will leave us in 2012, and two major music stars as well.

Pulling troops out of the mid-east is a good thing but it will not transpire as expected.

MORE major breakthroughs in stem cell research, both here and abroad.

About Lindsay Lohan, who thinks she is going to be on the straight and narrow?

More protests across the world and the US as well, sit ins, as people stand up. Much bloodshed.

A massive avalanche will deter how people are allowed into dangerous snow sporting areas.

Civil unrest in Russia. Fighting from within. Dangerous situation for the world at large as the Soviet government reacts to the mass protesting groups.

War on terror speeds up in 2012, and many threats to major U.S. cities, most notably New York. I do not see it as being completely successful, but damaging.

In the U.S., we should be extra cautious in watching bridges, tunnels, aqueducts, as well as water dams for chipping away, cracks and also terrorist plots.

Backlash from flu vaccines. Possible danger to health of those that have taken the vaccine.

all across the world there will be strange weather patterns with NO consistency as known in the past. Extreme cold where unusual, many measured snowfalls, rain heavy where no usual, drought in other areas, extreme weather and disruptions across the world. Harsh weather patterns that will make statistics get broken in 2012.

More aquatic ocean and lake animals make their way onto shore. Octopus, fish, etc...Also, as I told you last year, more species thought to be extinct are coming back, including those considered mystical (those that many thought never existed) are coming back.

Another death in the Michael Jackson family.

Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin square off against each other. Palin, as we know, is an animal abuser, both are prejudice prone, and both will be considered by those of intellect as dangerous should they become candidates running for major offices in our country. Both are worry-some if anyone were to believe in them.

Last year I told you that Borders Books would close. Another major bookstore will fold in 2012.

More scandal for Arnold Schwarzenegger. He abused his power in government and his personal life. He will be found out for more personal scandal. A book will be written about his life and it will not be pleasant.

Stocks plummet and then grow again throughout 2012. Don't sell and run scared, hold tight to what you can. Stem cell research will be the best buy for long term stocks.

Much bloodshed in Syria as well as most of the mid-east.

New thoughts about UFO activity unfolds with the finding of this new planet that could sustain life.

A shift in the equator will be discovered and will change some of the weather patterns for countries on it.

A major government cover-up will be exposed and will shed light on past events and reveal some conspiracies.

For more information on JANET RUSSELL:

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Introducing Singer/Songwriter VINCENT POAG!

Sometimes in life, a man has dreams that often gets put on the back burner as education and a career demand full attention. For most, these dreams remain just what they are...dreams. For others, it comes to life down the road when the time is right. Vincent Poag is that person. A singer/songwriter, he has just put out his first CD aptly named "Circling Back" and his love of music shines through on this brilliant debut CD. Crafty lyrics, flowing melodic music and a voice that sounds very Dylanisc with a hint of Tom Waits, this is a CD that deserves more than just one listen to. I spoke to Vincent recently as his CD is starting to create a stir in the music industry....

MICK: You are originally from Long Island Vincent?
VINCENT: Yes, I grew up in Massapequa. I lived there until I went to college and now I've been living in Manhattan for quite a long time now. My whole family was from Long Island. I only have fond memories! I love Long Island! My father and his brothers had a hardware store in town and I kind of grew up in that store.
MICK: Does your family still live out here?
VINCENT: I do have some family that still lives on the Island but now we are kind of spread out. I come from a pretty large family. I still go out there quite a bit. On a beautiful day, it's a beautiful as anywhere in the world!
MICK: When did you write your first song?
VINCENT: A long time ago! I'm a 60 year old guy now! I started as a teenager writing songs.
MICK: After starting out as a musician, you left that behind to enter the business world. What type of career did you go into?
VINCENT: I always considered myself a pretty good song writer and that's the part of the music that I loved and had the most talent in. But I wasn't the most proficient musician so I couldn't really make a living as a studio musician or playing dates as a musician. So growing up in a business where my family always worked for themselves, eventually I knew I would just work for myself. I went into commercial real estate. I got tired of starving and used my creativity in a different way. It's worked out real well for me. But there was this part that I left behind musically. Once you move into the business side, it becomes harder to have that freedom to create as an artist.
MICK: While you were in that career, did you play or write at all?
VINCENT: I kept involved to a certain degree but kept it limited to family functions and things of that nature. I did write songs along the way. I've always loved music and all kinds of artists. I've always continued to appreciate the music.I felt that I left a piece of me behind and that is was something I should have continued.
MICK: In 2008, you did get back into music again. How did that come about?
VINCENT: My wife was insightful enough to get me guitar lessons with a local rocker by the name of Aric Carroll (who also records under the name Slim Francis). One thing led to another and I felt that I should start recording a lot of the songs that I've written or they were going to go with me! Aric set up a home studio and I recorded 15-20 songs over a couple of days. He suggested I bring in some musicians and this started to really percolate my creative juices in terms of what I could do with these songs. I've always been the kind of person that can't do things halfway. I have to give it my all or it's not worth doing. So musicians were brought in and I decided to see how much further I could take this. I eventually hooked up with arranger by the name of Cathy Sommer, who is a conductor. and we started to explore all kinds of orchestrations.
MICK: How did you hook up with Cathy?
VINCENT: My wife had a friend who had been involved with Broadway and had worked with her. I got her name and hooked up with her. It ended up being a very wonderful collaboration. She took me to places that i never thought I would go. For me to explore full orchestrations and make decisions around all kinds of instrumentation was wonderful. I'm really glad I had that opportunity and I'm very proud of the end result. The Christmas song is being played now. It's one of my favorites on the CD. It's a contemporary Christmas song and I think it has a poignant message. I hoping more people will listen to it! "The Stress Song" is another song that's a fun song. The song was actually written by Phil Stubbs from the Bahamas. He's a guy who has devoted his whole life to music. He has an incredible body of music. I happened to hear this song ten years ago out on Long Island being played by a Caribbean group. This was way before I ever planned to record a CD. I rewrote the song for one of my birthday parties, played it and had fun with it. It's one of my favorite songs so when I wanted to make my CD, I went down to the Bahamas to meet Phil and get permission to use the song with my changes to the lyrics. We ended up becoming very close friends. He's very famous down there and he's handcuffed by the limitations of the Bahamas. I kept his basic chorus but I changed the verses and the music to some degree. It's a fun song with a great message. The song got up to number 5 on the FM QB charts so I'm very pleased!
MICK: What inspires you?
VINCENT: I love being able to create a song from scratch. It comes painfully! Sometimes it just flows but other times it comes hard with the right words and the right music. But when you finish and you listen, it is so all inspiring! It's very hard to land sometimes particularly with the different arrangements but when you do, when you finish a song and you feel good about it, it inspires me and I hope it does other people as well.
MICK: Does it typically take you long to write a song?
VINCENT: It varies. Sometimes it's easier than others. At this stage in my life, I'm involved with so many things. I run a business and that takes up a lot of my time. Just being able to devote myself to the songs and focus is sometimes difficult. But I've learned to be patient. I've learned to trust myself and I don't settle. Unless I'm happy with it, I just keep going. I can't do things halfway and I won't release anything until it's to my liking and my satisfaction. I consider myself a songwriter and a singer by default because at this stage in the game, if I didn't sing my own songs, they weren't going to get done. I'm glad that I did finish the first album and I'm working on the second one now. I have a lot of great new songs that I'm very excited with!

We are very excited too!
To find more on Vincent, please go to:
Vincent Poag - Circling Back
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