Sunday, January 2, 2011


As we enter 2011, we look ahead to a new beginning and often set goals or resolutions for ourselves. Some are attainable and some just just crazy but it's always a lot of fun. It with great pleasure that for the second year in a row, I bring you my celebrity New Year's resolutions!!
AUDREY QUINN is an American actress/model, TV spokespersonality and writer. For 2011, Audrey says "My New Year's Determination (I do not think the word Resolution is to meet the love of my life and to experience as much bliss in my life as possible! This would be fabulous and it's about time too!"
Our favorite folk singer CAROLINE DOCTOROW says "My New Year's resolution is to learn to sing so that the sound of my voice evokes the history of folk music and all it's artists, somehow all rolled up into one sound. My own sound! This will always be a work in progress, and will always be what I am working towards!"
Legendary jazz singer BOBBY CALDWELL'S resolution was "To get my wife a new bulldog puppy". [She already got the puppy!]
Our favorite artist MIKE STANKO says "My resolution this New Year will be the same as it has been in years past. I hope this year brings plenty of good people, good art and good music my way. After losing so many family and friends, some at a very young age, I truly appreciate the everyday things and I only want the best things for all people. Karen, my wife, my soul and my truly biggest inspiration, and I wish everyone a warm, loving and peaceful year and hope everyday is colorful!"
Nassau County Executive EDWARD P. MANGANO says "My New Year's resolution is to attract even more film and television production shoots to Nassau County so that we can continue to create jobs and generate revenue for the local economy".
WABC's Eyewitness reporter, the beautiful LAUREN GLASSBERG says "I'd like to burn off all of the food I eat while shooting my "Neighborhood Eats" segments!"
Pure Jazz Radio's RICH KEITH says " This coming year I'm basically looking to have a more positive outlook on things. Also to be more tolerant of people...even if they like "smooth jazz"!"
American singer and actress GLORIA LORING says "To keep learning more about singing and my voice...and to be more patient!"
The gorgeous Publisher and Editor NADA MARJANOVICH says "I'm not one who usually makes New Year's resolutions, but have definitely made it a goal to work less in the coming year (80 hour weeks instead of 100 and focus a little more on completing personal writing projects."
Last, but surely not least, is legendary comedian DAVID BRENNER who vows "When we're young and naive, we make long lists such as "This year I am going to go through college, meet a great woman, get married, have two children, make a few million, travel, buy a house and a yacht, maybe become an astronaut". When we get older, we are more realistic and my resolutions that we know for certain we can keep- Mine for 2011 is "I am not going to slap a giraffe on it's ass!"
As your humble writer and interviewer on, my resolution is to bring you more interesting interviews and articles, lose some weight, get more organized and to translate my interviews into Japanese and Swahili! Only kidding!!!
May all of our resolutions find success in our lives and if they don't, there's always next year!!

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