Friday, June 26, 2009

An End to A Talented but Bizarre Life

My 17 year old daughter, SherriAnn, had just arrived at her senior prom when she heard the news. "Michael Jackson died!!!" was the text I recieved at home. "Just heard! I responded. SherriAnn had grown up idolizing Jackson, knowing and singing his songs. She was mesmorized by his incredible dancing as we all were. I could sense her sadness on what was to be a very happy day in her life.
Jackson 's talent was only tainted by his bizarre behavior that the world got used to hearing about. From the cute little boy who was the star in a very talented family to the man who refused to grow up, living in a Disneyland type mansion with exotic animals and rides. He had numerous plastic surgerys that altered his normal features. Several charges of child molestation halted a huge career that could have put him in an orbit that no one has ever reached before. Still, his fans remained loyal hoping for a comeback from the "King of Pop". Now, that comeback will never happen. He now belongs to the ages.
"Michael Jackson died!!!" my daughter texted me. Yes SherriAnn, he did indeed pass away. The world is sorry. But the real Michael Jackson died many years ago.

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